Another BRAVE (Dev) crash with only some windows/tabs reloading

An ‘unexpected crash’ (“Brave crashed unexpectedly…” etc.) followed by my selecting option to restore the existing windows prior to the crash. But only some of them reload.

The others ‘appear’ In the ‘Recently Closed’ section of the History dropdown menu, as shown below.

I have to click on each individually to get those windows to restore.

No indications of why certain windows reload and others get ‘stuck’ in this History dropdown and have to be manually restored individually.

Any clues, Brave Team?


Just adding this:

  1. As always seems to be the case, TABLI (tab manager), which lists all windows and their tabs in a separate browser window, accurately shows all the Windows and Tabs that had been open before the crash – and are apparently currently open as a result of having been reloaded following the crash – even though Brave isn’t displaying all of them!

My interpretation of this is that the ‘missing’ windows & tabs aren’t really missing, they just for some reason aren’t displaying in the WINDOW dropdown menu in Brave.

  1. Also, the Windows and Tabs reload in unpredictable ways. E.g., one window with 10 tabs reloaded twice – but the second iteration only had 4 of the 10 tabs. So one ‘version’ of the window loaded normally, the second window was, so to speak, an abortion.

So all in all some windows are reloading, some aren’t reloading, and some of those that reload do so twice, but there are tabs missing in one set of the windows.

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