Add tab cascade layout back to android

Google apparently decided to change the layout for tabs on android chromium, from a nice cascade that matched the android UI for apps to a bunch of little tiles.

I personally don’t like the tiles, as it is a jarring contrast with the rest of the android UI, and also if you’re like me and don’t keep a huge number of tabs in the background it is just a waste of space. Also, I like swiping down all my open tabs to close Brave, and the little tiles all end up on top, far away from where I keep my fingers while browsing.

Anyway, maybe some people have a use case for it, so it would probably be best to let people choose. You’ve been pretty cool about reversing other crappy google UI moves, so I’m hopeful you’ll do this one too.

100% agree with OP. An unpopular change from everything I am seeing. I truly don’t understand the philosophy against giving users options. Just make it optional and give people who don’t want it the ability to disable it?!

Why force this on us?


Yes, this is the one feature that kept me using Brave. I’ll need to look elsewhere unless this gets addressed.

The current grid view UI kinda nullifies the bottom toolbar as well.

The disable/enable option should not have been removed.


Here’s where they “retired” the old layout (cascade/stack) in favor of the very thing many of us left Chrome due to (the awful and screen space consuming Grid layout):

Completely baffled by this decision.


Created an account just to upvote this one. The tab layout change was the biggest reason I quitted using chrome.


I’d say Opera GX is a good alternative.


This feature is absolutely terrible and made me leave Chrome, please make it optional.


I literally stopped using chrome over this and I will stop using brave if this horrible grid tab layout can’t be fixed to a cascade.


This is literally the reason I left Chrome. I will be looking for a new browser now


Stopped using chrome because of this $tupid feature which does not make sense… Its my phone so lack of space was never an issue for me. Leaving brave and Firefox


This is the reason I left Chrome. Soon it will be the reason I leave Brave.


Thanks, I’m trying this out now and like it so far.

I know I’m just one person but I WILL switch to this browser if Brave doesnt go back to the stack pretty quickly.


Please, please bring back the cascade tabs.


I agree a 100%.
Give an option to grid view


Tab grid view is terrible. Bring back Tab Stack View please or at least an option for it. Will need to find another browser to use if grid view stays. One of the reasons I stopped using Chrome was grid view.


absolutely agree! cannot believe this is google fault. why would they even do this. it’s pretty obvious many people choose the cascade mode. i would even say most people do.
please let us have this back again on Brave! would be just another reason to stay using it.



Cascade/tile stack is WAYYYY BETTER than the new grid tab layout for Android phones


I left Chrome due to this. It takes me far longer to find a tab in grid layout. Cascade means I can scroll through quickly and find what I want. There really needs to be a choice. Not everyone has the same sized phone screen and some of us are dyslexic. I can’t read as fast when I’m having to constantly switch from reading left to right and up/down. Cascade allows me to focus on one tab headline at a time. I don’t want to have to switch browser again but I’ll have to if there’s no option to use cascade mode. I keep tabs open because I want to go back to them and find them quickly. Grid layout makes it almost quicker to open a new tab and search for it again.


Agree, the singled out tabs is why I don’t use chrome anymore on mobile. Please give us a fix or option to switch back & be able to scroll through TABS.


BRAVE is going to lose alot of users if they don’t fix this, Atleast give us an option to do change back to cascade. THE NEW TABS ARE HORRIBLE. Alot of people left chrome over this exact thing, including me.