Tabs getting disconnected from main window

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all of a sudden I get separate Brave windows from existing tabs in my browser

Description of the issue:
lately a tab gets separated from the main browser window and appears as a separate Brave window… I don’t want to be able to drag or separate a tab to a different window
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The ability to do that is native to the browser, and the same is true with many (maybe all) major browsers.

That said, it should not be doing it on its own, it should be a distinct and deliberate action that you take.

Are you saying it’s happening on its own?

If so, I wonder if you have any extensions installed, maybe you could disable them and see if it continues?

If I’m in a window it is as though I am holding the mouse down but I’m pretty sure I have released the button. This also happens in Chrome too but then it’s the same engine?

Hmm yeah, that’s bizarre. And yes, same engine (Chromium) underneath.

Interesting issue. I would look for commonalities between the two browsers, like maybe if you use the same extension in both, etc. And you could try creating a new profile and see if it happens there as well.

But, it could very well be some kind of system problem, like a bad mouse driver or something. Do you have auto-updates enabled for your OS? Is this Win7, or Win10?

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Windows 10. I am on a Microsoft Surface and it just occurred to me the trackpad is also active. It always seems to happen to the tab I am working in. I will see if I can disable the trackpad …

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