Tab not working

I have a problem when I want to move 1 tab to a new window, the whole computer freezes as if I can’t do anything, I have to click esc to get it back and fix it

I reinstalled brave but nothing helps

Everyone has this problem.

Indeed, I just started having this problem too; tearing the tab into a new window hangs until a key is pressed, and then the tab returns to the original window. What kind of QA process does Brave have that this can make it into production?!!

Works OK for me.

If you’re having an issue with this, keep in mind it could very well be an upstream Chromium problem.

But for the time being:

  • In which version of Brave are you seeing this?
  • What operating system version?
  • Do you have any extensions installed? Does the problem still occur if you disable them?
  • Does it happen in a Private window?
  • You could try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings; does it still happen?
  • What ‘Flags’ do you have set, if any? In brave://flags the ones with a blue dot have non-default settings.

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