Clicking on browser tab when multiple tabs are open randomly causes the clicked tab to peel off to new window


I will have, hypothetically, 7 tabs open in one browser window; at random and without reason or explanation, if I come back to Brave from another program and click on a tab, the tab will peel off and open in a new window - typically blocking the app I am also working in. There is no way to replicate this reliably, and not enough is written online about the bug for me to find the correct terminology to identify this issue to any standard.

expected behavior:

When I click on any tab at any time, I do not expect it to remove itself from the current window and open itself in a new window. I expect the tab I clicked on to stay exactly where it was when I clicked on it.

As stated, it’s completely random, I don’t know how to identify the term for this behavior in order to search for a fix, and I am not doing anything out of the ordinary to cause this behavior to happen. I’m not right-clicking on the tab, I’m not choosing any contextual menu options, and I’m not dragging the tab anywhere. I stop on the tab, click it to bring it to the front, and then it just randomly decides to move to a new window. Any help would be appreciated.

Not entirely sure this is a Brave issue but it’s hard to tell. Tabs peel off into their own windows when you click/drag them (you can test this now with any tab). To me it sounds like you are perhaps unintentionally clicking on a tab and dragging that tab just enough for it to be detected as a drag/pull, which peels the tab into a new window.

If it were me dragging it just enough to remove it, it wouldn’t drag all the way over into the second monitor and snap to full screen - the action you’re talking about will open the tab in the same monitor, yes, but not a second monitor, not without dragging it to the second monitor. Also, what you’re saying I might be doing would be more likely with a regular mouse, but I use a kensington expert trackball - I only move the ball, not the mouse itself, so when I click on something, the ball is typically parked momentarily, as opposed to a standard mouse which moves whenever your hand does. It’s a more deliberate action with the trackball, at least in my experience - for the result I see, it would take a sustained and controlled movement that I simply am not enacting. In any case, I’m not “accidentally” dragging the tab over to my second monitor, it’s just peeling off and resettling in the second monitor as a new full-screen browser tab.

I see what you’re saying. That said – I would be interested to see if you get the same behavior when using a regular mouse.

Either way I’ve forwarded this information to the team for further review and will reply when I have more information.

You may want to start your own thread, what you’re talking about doesn’t have anything to do with the issue being described in this thread.

I have had the same problem, except it switches to another page on the desktop intermittently, when I have multiple pages on the desktop, not new tabs or new pages. In my case I only use pages not tabs, and I use a regular mouse. Since the browser updated itself to Version 1.32.113 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I will have to notice if this problem recurs. Firefox never did this stuff!

I’m having the exact same behavior happen. I click on a tab that usually not the current tab and it opens in a new window - usually on the “main” monitor for windows at the top left.

edit: this also happens with pinned tabs.

This has been happening to me as well for a couple of months. It’s rather random but annoying. I have even used a trackball (so the cursor can’t move) and have had it happen to me. I’ll click on an existing tab, to go back to it, and it will move to a new window on the other side of my screen. i then have to drag it back to the browser.

I’ve seen another post regarding this and I even tried to drag the tab to see if I could have accidentally dragged it out of position but I highly doubt that. It took quite a bit of drag to peel the tab away from the browser.

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