Brave UI customization still lacking

At the moment there is themes, fonts, zoom, bookmarks bar, wide location bar, and show home button. Many important UI customization features are still missing; being to hide the counters found in the default home page, hiding the time found in the default home page, hiding the tools found in bottom right of default home page, hiding photographer’s name and place of the photo taken in the default home page, hiding the current user icon in the address bar, hiding the Brave Shields icon/counter found in the address bar, and to hide bookmarks bar in home page. Hopefully these all get implemented in a not too distant future. I’d ditch Firefox if Brave had these.


You listed many things there, but they’re almost all related to new tab page/dashboard customization.
And we agree:

Note the other various references to related issues in this one :point_up:

Excellent discussion in this one:

In addition to revamping the new tab page, there are still several design changes yet to be implemented, both large scale:

and small scale changes:

Thank you for the feedback and for jumping on the beta. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new design/UI changes go live!


I am so very sorry… I have bee having personal problems that have bee way beyond my control…I am very thankful to all .The team here is a family and Thanks for letting me be a part … It was good to have for a moment…Anyway… I messed it up.Sorry.

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@Sharonhjelm What are you talking about?

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