Text on tabs and menus is way too small

I bought a monitor with a higher resolution and now the font size on tabs and menus is very small, which defeats the purpose of buying a bigger monitor.

Thank you for reaching out.
I’m not sure there is a way to target the text in tabs specifically. One thing you can do is select the bigger moitor/display in question and increase the system font size for that display (Settings —> Display --> Scale and Layout), but that will increase the size of text for anything on that monitor, not just the tabs.

Thanks for the answer, but having everything enormous on the screen just to have the browser’s tabs and menus in a readable font size is not an option. What bugs me more is that I checked and there are people complaining about this since at least 2018 and the issue, which I’m sure is not terribly hard to solve, hasn’t been addressed. Why?

I do know that this has been requested before. We have an open issue describing more advanced customization of the browser which would include the ability to increase the font size of tabs:

I’ve commented on this issue and included your report, among others, and tagged some team members to hopefully get some eyes on it as the discussion seems to have gone stale.

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