Tabbed-browsing "off" feature

I see that only one or two other posts have been made about this request, but none with a satisfactory response (the one in particular is understandable because the poster was kinda dickish with it).
Simply put:
Tabbed browsing seems to be defended by those who want to organize their web-browsing in some where, with all the tabs for a whatever “box” on one window and all tabs for another category of organization in another. I imagine them saying something like, “just use your mouse to move things around if you don’t like tabs!”

Well, here’s the problem I have with that:
pressing alt-F4 on my keyboard is a lot quicker than moving my hand to my mouse, moving my mouse to hover over whichever exit-button I’m wanting, and clicking the button. But, with tabbed browsing, when that happens, I am telling the computer (regardless of whether there’s a confirmation message; that’s just the computer asking me if I’m sure) that I want to close the window, along with all of the tabs therein. When I am doing research for school or work, or otherwise keeping the former web-page open while moving to another one in a separate view, I generally kept them open because I want to go back to them, and by closing the entire window to include all the tabs, that basically defeats the purpose of having left them open separately in the first place.
Additionally! (lol you thought I was done, didn’t you?) tabbed browsing complete defeats the functionality of alt-tab. Again the imaginary crowd in my head chants, “Just click the tab you want!” And again, I respond that moving my hand from my keyboard to my mouse, then moving my mouse to where I want it, then clicking the tab is less efficient and speedy than I’m content to deal with.

So, what is it I want?
1 of 3 things:

  1. An ability within Brave’s settings page to turn tabbed browsing off.
  2. An ability within Brave’s settings page to set opening new pages in a new window instead of a new tab by default (links that progress the current page to the next one can stay as-is, but the links that open a new page separately should be able to toggle under Brave’s Settings to open in a New Tab, or in a New Window
  3. both

Tabbed browsing is great for those who struggle with organization and don’t care about speed.
I care far more about speed; the organizing happens behind my eyes, not in front of them. I need to at least have the option of never having “tabbed” browsing again if, I so choose.