Pressing Ctrl or Alt closes the Browser or Tab

I don’t know if it’s my pc’s issue or is it a bug or why it’s happening.
When i am using the browser as usual , when i press ctrl to open a new tab or press alt to change the window , the browser or the tab open closes . I tried pressing ctrl and alt on other applications , but its all good there. If some one could help me on what’s happening or any way to prevent it , it would be really great. It used to happen before sometimes , but its way often now.
OS- Fedora Workstation 38
Brave version - [
Version 1.52.122 Chromium: 114.0.5735.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Thank you for reaching out.
That is pretty strange behavior, especially since it’s just Brave. It could be coming from an extension even though that would be weird — do you have any installed at this time? Additionally, did this issue just start after the update to v1.52.122?

Yes I do have few extensions installed , here’s the list.
Ublock Origin , Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials , Privacy Badger and Bitwarden.

Also could it be an issue related to the OS ?

Do you by chance have any flags enabled — namely the brave://flags/#brave-commands flag?

Nope , i haven’t manually enabled any flags

Can you please try creating a new profile and testing to see if the behavior occurs when using that profile? Please ensure you close all other Brave windows, such that only the new profile window is open during testing.

Sure, I Will let you know the results.
Also this issue doesn’t occur all the time but once it does it stays there till i restart my machine.

I had formatted my device yesterday [not because of this] . I experienced the same issue even after re installation , it doesn’t occur all the time but it does exist.

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