Is there a way to disable the menu options to open all bookmarks?

In case of accidentally opening a huge number of tabs (which can sometimes freeze the computer for awhile, has happened here recently) - is there a way to disable this option across the browser (for any groups of bookmarks), or at least require a confirmation before proceeding? If not, could there be?


Take a look at the keyboard shortcuts. Particularly

“Close the current window” Control + Shift + w

You might race against the tide, by using that key combination.

(Until your feature request is granted. Good luck.)


I could swear there used to be an option to disable tabs loading until they are visited, but I can’t find it anywhere now.

Also, some unsolicited advice, but to reduce Brave’s resource footprint, make sure that Continue running background apps when Brave is closed is disabled under brave://settings/system if you haven’t already.