Tab hibernation

tab hibernation is very useful when you use persistent sessions and have many tabs opened. as it is now, on browser start all tabs will start loading simultaneously even if you don’t need them at this time, using up bandwidth and contributing to system resource usage.

with tab hibernation available, when starting the browser only the active tab will be loaded, and the rest will wait in hibernation, possibly grayed out to indicate them being hibernating, not loading anything until focused on, saving bandwidth and ram/cpu. a tab that’s left for later (for example daily updates) could also be put manually into hibernation, which will unload it, freeing system resources, waiting until focused on again to load it rather than always having it loaded and active.

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Following Google removing The Great Suspender from the Chrome Store for it containing malware, I would second this request - I would feel more comfortable with this being a feature built into the browser and it would match the feature provided in other Chromium based browsers such as Edge and Vivaldi

Any idea if this option is added now? I guess this can be a key for many users to opt to this browser.

Still not added… That’s a bummer.

Vivaldi has it.