Stacking tabs based on host, and Background tab hibernation

It’ll be good to have a feature to stack the open tabs, based on their hosts. This feature will be particularly useful for researchers, developers, nerds & students, who often open too many sites at the same time.

Also, I believe it is a must have feature that let’s users to hibernate the background tabs - blocking network to those tabs other than the current tab. The target audience will be the same as above.

I have used both the features in Vivaldi & found them very useful - esp. the background tabs hibernation. It saves lot of bandwidth. I believe Slimjet has it too, just implemented in a different way. This will definitely be a key feature, when it comes to choosing between diff. browsers.

You mean like when you open 20+ stack overflow tabs looking for an answer?
I guess it could be useful but it would be very similar to the already existing group tabs function.
The hibernation function on the other hand would be pretty useful to me as well!

Exactly… perfect example. (for the 1st question).

Now that you mentioned its already existing, I checked & it exists under brave://flags(I tried earlier with about:config & thought it wasn’t there). Thank you.

However, enabling & restarting the browser does nothing (at least, for me). I was thinking of it as a feature in the user menus itself.

#Tab Groups Auto Create
#Tab Groups Collapse Freezing
#Tab Groups Feedback

Anyway, I found more flags that seems to be of use (esp. for data saving & cpu utilization). Enabled the below flags, based on a quick googling on them (but, mostly based on intuition).

#WebAssembly lazy compilation
#WebAssembly threads support
#WebAssembly SIMD support
#WebAssembly tiering
#WebUI tab strip
#Zero-copy rasterizer
#Use an alternative Data Saver back end configuration. (Need to see what changes with the alternate configs, if chosen).
#Enables save data feature
#Enable Subresource Redirect Compression

They’re flagged as experimental, though. But, they sound interesting & need to read more about them. May be, the developer communities will help (does brave have one!). May be, someone here already used them & know the outcomes.