Is built-in 'tab suspension' (sleep/snooze/freeze/etc.) in the works?

Seems to be becoming native to many browsers. Any plans for it in Brave?

Which browser has the best Tab Snoozing / Sleeping / Freezing implementation?


Not sure entirely true, unused tabs will sleep automatically after a certain period of time. Which saves cpu/ram resources, when a tab isn’t in used @mk7z

@fanboynz Thanks but not sure what you mean.

Tabs in Brave ‘sleep automatically’ without any extension? I haven’t seen that happen.

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Also, if that were the case (browsers automatically suspend idle tabs) why would people use ‘tab suspender’ extensions?

Curious about this as well. There seem to be flags in Chrome for tab freezing? And Edge reported a 30%+ reduction in memory usage and 37% less battery usage ( Would be nice to see this in Brave.

Discarding tabs in Chrome also carrys over to Brave brave://discards/ If Edge makes changes to upstream chromium code, we’ll be able to take advantage of it also.

@fanboynz Is there a ‘how to’ page that explains how the non-tech user can interpret/make use of that data?

Also, if by “discard” you’re referring to a native ‘suspend’ function in Brave, I’ve found that webpages that haven’t seen recent use but were whitelisted by a ‘tab suspender’ extension (presumably handing them over to Brave’s ‘discard’ function) usually take considerably longer to come back to life than with suspended webpages for which the extension is active.

IOW, Brave’s ‘restore from discard’ function appears to be considerably slower.

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