Add tab hibernation

Add a hibernation option for inactive tabs to reduce RAM usage of the browser

This now native in Chrome (and thus Brave), no need for a “discarder” extension

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Where is that option? It says here that Brave doesn’t have it



Why is it not in Brave settings?

Its default (enabled btw), does need Brave settings option?

I guess, but how does it work?

Should do, if system resources (ram) is limited, it’ll sleep the oldest/unused tabs automatically. Recent chromium (94/95) releases improved ram usage also, which includes Brave here.

I tried that flag but it’s not displayed in my case… Is it for Windows only? I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Going by the description, seems to be Windows specific

Calculate window occlusion on Windows will be used in the future to throttle and potentially unload foreground tabs in occluded windows – Windows

Not sure how current this is, brave://flags/#intensive-wake-up-throttling ?

I’m using Brave for some time now and it never hibernated the tabs