Tab group changes have also messed up multible tab group usability features

It looks like even people who use tab groups are getting rocked by this update too

After the new update on brave mobile its added back a tabs group issue that I remember from the initial roll-out on chrome where the following annoyances now happen:

  • when highlighting a link the top option is “Open in new Tab” instead of “Open in new tab in group” (mildly annoying)

  • after using “Open in new tab in group” pressing back in the new tab, the browser now minimizes to home screen instead of closing the current tab and going back to the previous tab as it used to (very annoying)

  • After clicking a link that automatically opens a new tab or highlighting text and performing a web search the browser now creates a new tab OUTSIDE OF THE TAB GROUP at the end of the tabs instead of creating a tab next to the previous tab INSIDE THE SAME TAB GROUP (infuriating and makes navigation and organizing tabs impossible)

Edit: This is likely a related issue but I’ve also noticed that the tab group bar at the bottom (showing the icons of the tabs in your current group) will now sometimes disappear and not reappear until you press the tab button next to the address bar to zoom out to all tab groups then press it again to return to your active tab, only then will the bar return

All in all it seems this update has borked up thing for both people who don’t use tab groups as well as those who do

Brave Version 1.36.112


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