New tab layout in mobile (Continuation)

Unfortunately, I have to open a new topic, although my concern has already been solved in the following topic.

This topic helped me some time ago, but now it is that the field "Tab Grid Layout " is no longer displayed to me. I use the version

Is there any other way to show the open tabs grouped instead of the list?



Same issue ,its so annoying i might switch to a different browser tbh

Same thing has happened to me several times. Once in a while, it’ll switch back to the groups, but then randomly goes back to that list view. I really like the tab grouping, but chrome is so ad riddled and slow, I don’t want to switch back.

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By playing around I have a temporary solution:

  1. open the page in the browser: “chrome://flags/”
  2. search for “Tab Groups Continuation”
  3. change the status to “Enabled Low-end & Accessibility Grid or List support” and click “relaunch”.
  4. now change to “Enabled Low-end device support” and again “relaunch”.

Then I see the tabs in groups but unfortunately this only works for a short time. For some reason after a short time the list view is shown again.

If the tabs are displayed in groups, there is only one small thing to consider, so that Brave does not switch back to the list view…
Create a group: first open a new tab and then a new “tab in group”.

This has been working for me for a few weeks now.

It’s just a shame that none of the developers have offered support.

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This worked for me. Thank you! I will see how long it lasts.

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