Make tab-groups not so interruptive

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

Currently, Brave browser’s tab-groups is interruptive for user:

  1. At tab-group contains multi tab, there is a bottom bar, which is annoying, taking up screen space, and easy to mistouch.

  2. when click a link, it will opened in new tab in current tab-group.

  3. There always is Open in new tab in group in link’s context menu.

  4. At overview page, click one time to choose tab-group, click two time to choose tab…

  5. It’s not easy to turn off tab-groups easily, beacause chromium removed the code.

    With Chromium 99, the underlying code was finally removed.

Expected result:

Considering it’s not easy to bring back “Stack View”, could we make tab-groups user-friendly?

  1. add “turn off tab groups” option, when it is checked:
  2. in link’s context menu, only show “Open in new tab(in new tab groups)”. not show other item for tab groups.
  3. when click a link, open in new tab group.

With those feature, it can make only on tab in tab group, and make tab list is flatten.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details

Additional Information:

Go to,
Settings → appearance → deselect “Enable tab group auto creation”.

Now upon right clicking you should see open link on new tab first.

Thanks for reply, That’s what I am using Brave.

But there is still “Open In new tab in group” in the context menu. When you click it, the group is back, and the only way to revoke is copy url, open in new tab, and close the tab in group.

Is there any way to hide “Open In new tab in group”?

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