Revert or fix the current Tab Group bug by

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The new Tabs for mobile , links but no images , it just doesn’t work with me. So I tried to enable Tab Groups in the Settings , but when I do and relaunch Brave , not only is the Enable Tab Groups toggle remains Off , but the links but no images for the Tabs is there. It’s like I never enabled Tab Groups in the settings.

That or it’s simply broken or can’t be used. In which case I’ve no choice but to revert back to an older version. Sorry , but I simply don’t like how the Tabs looked in their current version , only links but no images. Also I (unsurprisingly) can’t group links together.

Fix this or I’ll continue to use the older version of Brave Browser or switching to a different browser altogether. At least with web images for Tabs I can tell which tabs is which , but that isn’t the case with the current version of Brave Browser.

At this point , the bug still persists. Enable Tab Groups in the Settings does nothing , in addition to turning itself OFF despite having previously turning it ON.

Brave Browser version 1.31.88

Redmi Note 8

Just fix or revert the changes to the Tabs.

Regarding the Brave community : New Users can’t upload attachments ?! What a load of BS.

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I find the answer here: Can't enable group tabs

“I finally got the tabs back… There is an option under accessibility that says simplified view of tabs. Uncheck it and they came back.”

Version 1.31.90

Android 11

Tab group still don’t work

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