System shows I do not have active subscription but got charged

Please provide us with the following information

Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc):
iPhone, Mac Mini

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ):
iOS 16.6.1.

Detailed description of the behavior:
I had a trial that I started from my browser (on my desktop) over the summer. I wanted to use the VPN on my iPhone the same week but didn’t match the email, so I started a new subscription through Apple. I canceled both. These expired on the 16th of July and 6th of August as the screenshot shows. However, I was charged on the 2nd of September while the system shows I do not have an active subscription. I was charged by Brave directly, and not by Apple.

Hello @leopold1 ! My sincere apologies for this issue you are experiencing. So that we do not expose personal information in this public forum, would you kindly email us at
braveios at guardianapp dot com and I’d be happy to take care of this issue for you. Thank you.