Keep getting charged for a canceled VPN plan

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Windows 10 OS

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I cancelled my VPN plan a few months ago and I have been charged for Jan and Feb. You can see when I go to plans it says I have no active plans.

Screenshot below:

Says plan expired Feb 8th but that is incorrect. It was canceled in December.
I also have a Brave email with a receipt for payment on 2/25. So you can see its all sorts of mixed up. Says expired 2/8/24. Shows no plans. Have a receipt for payment 2/25/24 and was actually cancelled 12/23.

I have only used Brave Browser no other accounts never used the app.

@Swayz87 Apologies for the trouble. The charges and receipt for 2/25 were linked to a different account and not the one highlighted in the screenshot. These have now been corrected and your request has been processed.

If there are any additional concerns, please feel free to open a request here