Charged monthly vpn fee even after cancellation

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Canceled subscription but still got charged monthly fee. Brave account says no active subscription and it is canceled via the apple ID subscriptions also. Help!

Hi. I will ask @GuardianTeam to handle this. Thanks

@Blaze1 On your device, please go to: Brave browser settings > Brave Firewall + VPN > Contact Technical support to submit a request with us to review this further.

When I go in there, I dont see the Contact Customer Support option. I only see the page that shows information about the vpn purchase options.

Hello @Blaze1 ,

Please send us an email at braveios at guardianapp dot com to look into this further without sharing personal details on this forum. If you already cancelled through your Apple subscriptions, you should not be charged for the service. It is possible you might have started an iOS subscription and a subscription directly through Brave so we will need to check this when you email in and I am happy to assist. Thank you.