No subscription, but payments are processed

Please provide us with the following information

Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc): MacbookPro

**iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ):**13.5.2

Detailed description of the behavior: I get billed monthly, with no active subscription. I have two emails and by logging with either one I cant see any open subscriptions, so I cant cancel it either.

How to proceed?

Did you buy it on a smartphone? If yes then go to the app store (iOS) / Google play store (android).

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Nope, on my laptop! Its an super odd situation…

I also checked my phones subscriptions just in case.

I see. @steeven @SaltyBanana please assist.

@MAtu1 how much are you getting billed and who are you billed from?

I’ll also ask, do you have anyone else you know who might have used your card to sign up for a subscription? For example, we had a scenario a few months back from someone who had no idea what was going on but then asked around and found out their son had signed up for the subscription.

If done on a tablet, phone, or whatever else it’s done through the app stores. If done on computer, it’s done through prime accounts. Obviously someone had to sign up for it and provide your details if you are getting charged.

If you don’t have any confirmation emails and can’t see anything in your accounts, then it suggests somebody else has created an account. I’m not sure how much Brave can do in that regards. What you’d have to consider at that point is possibly reporting your card as stolen/compromised and perhaps dispute the charge. Though it would be weird if the subscription is the only thing extra.

So I guess I’d think back on who would use your info, if you might have an alternative email you would have used, or what?

I am having a similar but different issue because I did subscribe to the Brave VPN. Nevertheless, received this message when I logged in to refresh my VPN

“You don’t have any active plans.”

A payment was processed on SEP 16 – OCT 16, 2023 expiry date for Brave VPN. An email with the receipt was sent to me Sep 16 with the purchase info as well. The price paid was $9.99/monthly. This transaction was done on my laptop and activated on my cell phone. now the VPN is not on either devices.

Can someone help me resolve this issue?

I have basically the same issue as ”calmcc”.

Its not an issue of someone else wouldve done the account as I did it myself.

I get billed by Brave each month, but I cant see my subscription anywhere, so I cant use the VPN or unsubscribe. Not on my phone, not on my Brave account.

Yeah, I did the setup for my account myself too. I just need the service that’s all. Hope the team can get this issue resolved soon.

To be clear, for anyone saying they signed up at you’re saying it doesn’t show like below when you go there?


Hi @calmcc @MAtu1, following up with a DM now. Thank you.