You don’t have any active plans

I tried to turn on my VPN but was prompted to log into my brave account and refresh my VPN. When I did I received this message when I refreshed my VPN

“You don’t have any active plans.”

A payment was processed on SEP 16 – OCT 16, 2023 expiry date for Brave VPN. An email with the receipt was sent to me Sep 16 with the purchase info as well. The price paid was $9.99/monthly. This transaction was done on my laptop and activated on my cell phone. now the VPN is not on either devices.

Can someone help me resolve this issue?

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@calmcc I just want to confirm, when you signed up are you saying you went to and signed up then? If so, when you mentioned that you activated on your cell phone, how did you go about this?

I really want to be very clear about how you paid and everything, as there has been confusion of people on the different methods of signing up and payment since they are handled differently based on your device.

I guess to clarify what I’m asking:

  • If you go to and sign in using your email, whichever you may have used, you’re saying it doesn’t show any active subscriptions?

  • If you go to your cell phone and check the app store/play store, do you see any active subscriptions there? (if enabled via cell, it processes through Google Play or Apple App Store, not through Brave).

Can you look to confirm if it was sent by Brave or where the email confirmation originated?

I paid and I sucribed on my laptop. Then I added the subscription to my phone. I paid with a credit card from my laptop. Not apple pay. It was processed through brave because I received an email with the date of payment and the duration of service with expiry date of Oct 16, 2023.

Yes, it was from Brave. “
Your receipt from Brave Software, Inc. #2492-8541