Syncing with iOS doesn't work

Hi, i am having a problem with my iOS device syncing. On my windows computer and on my Macbook everything works correctly (or so it seems so far) but if I go and try to synchronize my iPhone with QRCode it does nothing. So I decided to try using the word code and so it seems to synchronize, the only problem is that if I try to activate the Brave Rewards payments in the appropriate section it tells me that at the moment they are not available for my iPhone and that to keep the my tokens I need to transfer the amounts in my current wallet to a desktop wallet. I on Brave on my windows computer have a wallet connected and verified but I don’t understand how to transfer them there… is it a synchronization problem or am I wrong something?
Thank you

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Me too; I camera the QR and Brave freezes, showing a picture of the QR but doing nothing. Looks like it (the brave thread) crashed; the “scan” button does nothing afterward (the back less than Sync “<Sync” icon works, but that’s going back to a different thread I think).

I guess it doesn’t work; I’ll stick to saferi until it does (not that seferi is any better, but it’s no worse given the lack of the sync).

Given the number of threads Google browsers create I would strongly suggest killing Brave when this happens.