iOS Sync Still Not Working

Is there an ETA on iOS syncing? I absolutely love Brave Browser but can’t quite understand why it’s been 2-years in development and I can’t sync payment methods, address, and more from my Desktop chain to my iPhone. I’d love nothing more than to stop using Chrome. Please save us. @Mattches

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Looks like your topic title is a bit misleading — iOS Sync works just fine! Due to certain complications that arise when developing for iOS as opposed to Android or other OS, we have essentially been adding Syncable data types in a more “piece-meal” manner for iOS.

One of our iOS devs informed me that it is not scheduled for any particular release window at this time. I will see if I can get a tracking issue to share.

Thank you

You’re correct, click-baity title for sure. My apologies. I do appreciate the response though.

Sucks, I need to keep switching to Chrome to buy anything online because there is no saved payments or information in Brave. But, I’ll patiently wait for this to exist.

Thanks again.

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