Syncing bookmarks problem II all

The error syncing my windows desktop with my other (Android) devices is back. The thread “Syncing bookmarks problem” is already closed. Therefore I open a new one.
My windows browser do not sync with the defined sync chain anymore. Please refer to my first post to see my detailed description. Syncing bookmarks problem
I know - uninstalling Brave for Windows with clearing browser data and the reinstalling it, will solve the problem. But I do not want to uninstall the Windows browser every couple of days. I have not fixed the problem yet. So if I can provide any data, please let me know, I will do it.

Description of the issue:
Syncing the Windows browser with the sync chain gets corrupt.
Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Not reproduce able. It happens after a couple of days.
Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Leaving the sync chain and rejoin the sync chain does not work.
Expected result:

Reproduces how often:
How I can try to leave the sync chain 100 times with no success.
Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Actual version of Brave. Actual version of Windows 10 64-Bit
Additional Information:


Thank you for reporting and providing as much detail as you did – we really appreciate it.

I notice you said:

Are you saying that you see an error stating that the data/chain is corrupt? Or is that just another way of saying that the Sync chain isn’t functioning properly?

Additionally, can you share a screenshot of your brave://sync-internals?


No, no error status seen. It is just NOT working :wink:
I have striked through two lines since I do not know if this data is confidental.

Best regards and thank you for your support.


If you need further data, please let me know. I will wait for your feed back before uninstalling and then reinstalling Brave.


Also a problem with this “state” of Brave. Login data is not stored properly. If I store the Login data and return 15 minutes later to this website Brave has lost the Login data (or has not stored it properly).
I am quiet sure, that everything will be ok again, when I uninstall Brave with “delete browser settings” and then perform a reinstall.


Any ideas? If there are no ideas present how to solve the problem, I will perform a new install.

Sorry for the late reply – I had gone on PTO right after we started this thread. Please allow me some time to catchup and dig into the issue again.
Thank you for your patience.

Hello @Rebel66,

This seems strange and unclear, how the browser came into the state you have described. Looks like the device had left the sync chain, but that should not happen.

I would suppose it might be some bug related to (Delete other device), but you version haven;t git yet that feature.

We have inherited from Chromium behavior - after quite long time of inactivity, 3 months if I recall correctly, - but it’s not your case.

Could you please provide, what is on brave://settings/braveSync/setup page? What is the state there, does it have any devices? Does it prompt to create the new chain?

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My fault. Maybe I have described the issue unclear. The sync chain is showed. The desktop is showed within the sync chain, but only the desktop shows an actual date for “latest active”. The other (android) devices show (latest activity) dates that are 4 weeks old - and all mostly the same date. So I assume, that the chain has been broken round about 4 weeks ago.
I have attached the settings page. You can see, that the check boxes for sync are all inactive and greyed out. But when I activate it in the settings, they are greyed out, when I open the settings page again. So in fact I cannot activate it anymore on the desktop.

Thank you for your support.

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Hello @Rebel66 ,

This is extremely strange , I haven’t seen this before. It has device list, but has no info about sync data types enabled and Disable Reasons is Not signed in. It points that something wrong happens with our authentication, I will dig into it.

Thanks again for all the info you have provided.


Hi Alexey, did ypu find any errors? Or do you have any idea what I can try to get the syncronizing process to work stable?

Hello @Rebel66, no, for now I don’t have new info to help with the situation.

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