Sync stops working randomly and cannot be restarted without new sync chain. (Bookmarks no longer syncing, send to device no longer working reliably either.)

It looks like again a problem with reaching maximum number of server objects.
Normally the number of History objects at sync-internals table is 0, and the displayed objects number is the number of objects which failed to commit.
6240 means the server reached maximum limit and refuses to accept commits.

Prior to the first reports about the problem server objetcts limit was 50k and auto-expire period for history objects was 90 days.
Currently with and these numbers changed to 60 days and 75k objects.
By the feedback including this thread we can see that it gave some relief but not fixed the issue. The proper fix must be not just changing the limits, because with history sync it is easy to reach any. I switch to this task again, idea is to delete some amount of oldest history entries when server is about to reach the limit.


Do we at least have a workaround?

The only workaround is to recreate sync chain, re-join all devices and do not enable History sync type.

(May also help to turn off the History type and wait 60 days to allow auto-expire be triggered, but this workaround is not practical.)

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