Sync Has Stopped And No Longer Syncs

I have two windows computers and two Android devices. I setup sync and had all my bookmarks on my one computer. Within minutes my second computer has gotten all the bookmarks synced. My two Android devices however took a lot long and has not fully synced.

I have over 6000 bookmarks and so far my Android devices only have synced over 4500 bookmarks. I tried everything I can think of, I tried restarting Brave on my computers and Android devices, I tried restarting my Android devices and restarting my computers.

I am unsure if they devices are talking to the sync server or if the computers are unable to talk to the sync server.

Is there a way to start a manual sync? Is there a way to troubleshoot weather my Brave browser is connecting to the sync servers or if the brave browsers are talking to one another?

I also noticed a minor bug when setting up sync that the QR code will not appear on my computer when I ask it to show the QR code. However I just entered the word seed instead.

Any feedback will be most appreciated!


I tried again twice. When it comes to my two laptops the bookmarks sync pretty much instantly and of my 6000+ bookmarks are synced between my laptops but my two andriod devices never get fully synced.

When it comes to adding/removing a bookmark on my one laptop, the other laptop updates accordingly but when I add/remove a bookmark on one of my andriod devices the other andriod device and laptop will not update accordingly.


Apologies for the late response and thank you for your detailed report.
We’re currently capturing data around Sync errors here – I’ve included your report in the thread on your behalf. We appreciate your patience as we try to find some commonalities and hammer out these issues.

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Thank you! Once Sync works with Android I can finally ditch chrome forever!

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