Using same brave on different devices

I just discovered Brave and I have spent around a good 2 hours customising it the homepage with extensions and adding multiple browser profiles on my office laptop(macbook). Now I want to install Brave on my home Machine(imac).

Is there any way for me to get the exact same Brave which I customised on my office laptop?
Or do I have repeat all the things I have done on the other machine?

I’m sure there must be a way to get this done. Please help.

Thank you.

Simply use Brave Sync to accomplish this.
Add your current device you setup (macbook) to a Sync chain, then go to your other device and add it to the same sync chain:

I have tried that. It is showing in the device list. But none of the settings, browser profiles or extension got carry forwarded from the main machine to the targeted machine.

or am I doing it wrong? Am I missing anything?

Can you make sure that you completely quit Brave on both devices, then relaunch on the target device? We’ve seen this happen before when we first implemented Sync v2.

I have tried that multiple times now. But no luck :frowning:

Can you type brave://sync-internals into the address bar and send me a screenshot of this page?

I have messaged you. Sorry for the late reply.

Should I share it here?

um… Mattches? Any solutions?

So sorry for the late response – I have a ton of DMs and must have missed yours. I just pinged our Sync team about your situation and am waiting for some input on their end – appreciate your patience.

No worries. Thanks man, Really appreciate the effort.
Please let me know if there’s any lead on this.

Thanks in advance.

So your Sync setup looks fine, but I do see Device info null which means the chain is not picking up one or both devices.
Can you try leaving the Sync chain on both devices, then start the chain on one and adding the other again?

How do I do that sir?

On both devices, go to Settings --> Sync and click the Leave Sync Chain option at the bottom:

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