Sync isn't syncing

Description of the issue:
I’m using Brave on both desktop and mobile, and i really appreciate your work on that. But lately i’m facing a problem that causes me trouble in work which is sync isn’t working, i’m adding both desk and mob in same sync channel and everything looks perfect in settings but unfortunatly nothing is syncing from mobile to desk and the reverse too.

Expected result:
Syncing Bookmarksn History and passwords immediatly

Reproduces how often:
Since installing (two months)

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in Settings):
Mobile: 1.1.2
Desktop: 0.66.100

Android/iOS Version
Android 7

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Same problem here. My bookmarks etc. are not syncing.

Mobile 1.1.2
Android 9
Desktop: 0.66.101

@yasserberrehail, @Dengpau,
Have you tried removing the devices from the Sync chain and starting a new chain to see if this resolves the issue?

it worked for now, we will check it later after work.

what about passwords from desktop to mobile any sollution ?

Password Sync is not yet available in Brave. There is a flag that can be enabled that allows you to import passwords from a CSV file but after some testing I can’t seem to actually get it to work (in Brave or Chrome).
Hopefully we’ll have more options for syncable data available soon.

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