Sync not functional on my three devices (Linux, Win10, iOS)

I am unable to sync my devices. I have Brave set up how I want it on my Linux desktop. When I try to start a new sync chain with my phone, it simply doesn’t work. After I scan the QR code, it hangs for a long time and then when it’s “finished” nothing synced. I have tried three separate times on different days.
When I try to start a new chain with my Linux Brave browser and sync my Windows brave browser, it doesn’t work either. I think it may have something to do with the fact that both OSes are installed on one machine and Brave tries to sync devices based on their names. I could be completely wrong. But when I try to sync my Brave browser in Windows 10 using my code generated on the Linux partition, it doesn’t sync anything and it says the only device on the chain is “SMOK (This device.)” That’s what it says on my Linux Brave browser as well, the one with all of my bookmarks and everything how I want it.
I know this may be a rare use case, with two OSes on the same machine, so if it’s simply unsupported I wouldn’t be surprised. But I’m more confused about why my phone won’t sync with Brave on my Linux installation.