Cannot log in to brave browser

When I click on my avatar in the top right of the browser, then click sign in, I get a page full of avatars (person 1), but no sign in form. I have an account. I am presently signed in to this community. Do I need to sync, or something? If so, how?

Hi @mntmn3,

No. Brave Community account is not used to sync your browser data. And that profile UI will be removed since Brave Sync will not require an account to do sync, AFAIK.

For now, Brave Sync is not yet available because it’s still being worked on. More Sync in chromium brave


So how do I sign in to my Bravo browser? I didn’t see any account registration form when I installed it.

I think that what @eljuno was trying to say is that, at this very moment, you cannot sign in into Brave Browser (like you would do on Firefox to sync devices).

In the link is written that the feature is under debug, but if you are a beta tester, you can use it at your own risk.


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