Brave Sync a buggy mess - "Sync Everything" broken

This issue applies to all versions Brave has released, but the Sync function has me close to going back to chrome and never looking back. Its so finicky. I could not get a single thing to sync after I did a fresh install of windows. I have the proper sync chain and everything. It Shows my devices im synced with etc.

The only way I can get anything to sync is to choose every option manually, disable them all, then enable them one by one, and this triggers the sync. I think the state of this feature is kind of sad compared to what Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc offer. Just wanted to post this just in case it might help anyone, but this kind of jerry rigging to get an essential feature to work is the quality I’d expect from a nightly or alpha version of a program, not this.

Can you please tell me what devices/OS are on your sync chain as well as your Brave version?

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