How do I "sign in" to the Brave Broser


I downloaded the Google Keep extension from the Brave store, and it is on my toolbar. When I attempt to save a website to Google Keep, the extension dialog says to SIGN IN. When I click on the sign in on the Google Keep Sign in, below in file image, nothing happens25%20PM

I am signed in to my Google account.

Do I need to sign in to the Brave Browser to get the extension to work?? If so, how???

Thank you

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You cannot sign-in to any Brave service in the way you would on Chrome.
The issue you’re seeing with keep is related to a conflict between Brave’s protections and installed extensions. This issue is actively being worked on.

Additionally, this question has been asked several times before:

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Thank you. I read the other answers on the closed issues about the browser sign in, and its effect on sync functions. My purpose is to determine how to make extensions work from the Brave app store, like this Google Keep extension, and at what point in the system of products (Brave Browser, or Google Accounts, or whatever) to sign in. What you cleared up with this thread is that there is a gaping hole with more impacts than just sync.

We already implemented a fix for this. You should see it addressed in 0.58.x, thanks.