Sinc desktop wallet (MacBook), and mobil wallet (Android)


I sinchronized my devices and I can’t see my wallet verified (almost 300 BAT) in my mobil nor my IPad.

I’ve noted since synchronisation the Lyon of Brave is in Black and White.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Brave Sync does not Sync wallet/Rewards information at this time. Right now, if you want the wallet on your Android device to match/be the same wallet as the one on your Desktop OS, you’ll need to verify your wallet with Uphold on both devices (ensuring you verify using the same Uphold account for both). See the following article for information on Verified wallets:

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Thanks for your reply Mattches, I’ve tried before this option but the system says I need at least 25 BAT to verify my Uphold account.

How can I jump this step if I already have BATs in my Uphold account ?

Thanks in advance.

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