Sync doesn't work at all

I have been trying to get Sync to work for the past year and a half. But even with the newest updated Brave, it’s simply not working. It does nothing but send me back & forth between my iMac & Macbook Pro!

I copy the code, go to the other device, put in the code, and it says it’s now syncing, but it’s not! When I open the manage sync it tells me my code, and says copy it and enter it on the other device, the one I began this process on! So of course, I go to that device, it tells me the same thing, over & over again, in an endless loop of dysfunction!
Is this some sort of joke being played on users? I have seen others complaining about the exact same thing, with no resolution.

I keep coming back to give Brave another try, but this is one areas that it’s doing no good. And the bookmarking feature is wack, as well. None of my normal folders show up, there’s several labeled Imported from Safari, or Firefox, but most of those are nothing but empty folders.


You can have more than 2 devices on a sync chain. So, once Sync is turned on for a profile, that code will always be available in case you want to add additional devices to it.

Is that what you’re seeing, or something else? More importantly, are you seeing the same bookmarks on both devices?

make sure …that sync everything is turned on

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I just have two devices to sync, I turned it on on my Macbook, got the code, then turned it on, on my iMac, it asked if I had the code, I said yes, put it in, and then it said it was syncing. But when I went back to my Macbook, the only device shown is the Macbook! And it’s telling me to copy the (same) code, and open sync on the other device, and when it asks for a code put it in, but it doesn’t and it doesn’t show it’s synced to the Macbook. No matter which device I got to , it only shows that device!

I read someone else’s post here, and he had the same thing going on, just an endless looping…

How would I know to do that, especially since I don’t want to sync everything? Why offer it as an option, if it must be turned on for the thing to work at all? Why would I want apps synced? And what apps is it even referring to?

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you can sync whatever you want, if you want only bookmarks then you can do it too…
apps refers to, I think the web apps like youtube gmail we install as apps.Hope you undertand. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just got a new phone and noticed this issue as well. No matter what settings I choose or which phone I do it on, the tabs do not transfer. My history and my few bookmarks are there on both devices, so I know its working. But my open tabs don’t appear, which is honestly the only reason I wanted to sync in the first place. Ugh.

I have the same issue. Reported it. No response. Gave up. :tired_face:

So here’s the deal, there are some limitations on Sync, specifically relating to History and Open Tabs, that Brave has inherited from Chromium. See for more info.

All that said, the OP (@StevenCee) may be having a different issue, it isn’t clear just yet.

Steven, to answer your question about ‘apps,’ that refers to: brave://apps/ . You may not have any. (Basically the browser ‘apps’ are when you take a web site and turn it into a desktop app by having it launch in its own window and so on, where it looks and behaves like a desktop app but it’s actually a dedicated browser window.)

@Lenmakesthings , if you’re looking for Open Tabs on the desktop, you’re looking here right? brave://history/syncedTabs If you see some tabs there and not others, you may unfortunately be running into the limitations referenced above.

I will add that there are some ways of working around this. For instance, the ‘Tabli’ browser extension provides a decent way of turning open tabs into Bookmarks; and then Bookmarks get synced and become available on your other devices. It won’t help as much with mobile → desktop sync, but it works pretty well going the other direction.

I heard some time ago that sync wouldn’t work with iOS until version 2.0. I’ve been waiting (not so) patiently, but version 2.0 never comes. I posted about this recently but there were no replies. :rage::rage:

You right in your first comment. If you don’t have sync everything on it won’t recognize the new device and/or profile. If you turn any off. It stops working.

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@Weaver but it works in every way, I just checked.

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I have been trying to sync my bookmarks from my mac to my new pc and I can’t for the life of me get it to work. Anyone know what’s wrong?

Can you give some more detail on what you’ve done and what you’re seeing?

I think the sync feature in brave needs to improve currently I actually dont like it. I use an extension called EverSync to sync my bookmarks, and etc. all over my browsers.

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