Does Brave sync work for anyone at all?

Whether starting with the phone or starting with the PC, it just sits there and spins at “looking for device”.

I start the Sync chain, my phone scans the QR code which seems to work for the phone, but the PC just keeps spinning the logo.


Windows 10, current version of Brave and several prior. It’s never worked.

This is exactly what’s happening to me, but I’m on Android for my phone.

Same here. Literally thousands of forums and posts of people here pointing out the Brave Bookmark syncing is total s*it and the developers have apparently done nothing to fix it since it still persists.

After frequent attempts, my mac finally decided so sync across to my iPhone, except that it didn’t. It synced 2 random folders (of about 15) and then within those 2 folders it synced zero links inside them.

The brave sync feature says to “wait while your bookmarks are synced, this could take some time”. Well Brave, it’s been a month, is that long enough for you to sync literally 19kB of total data??

I’ll keep rockin Safari for now…because…it…actually…works.

I’ve been using Brave since it appear, way before Sync and sync is better than when introduced (fail >99%). I sync MacOS iMac/Windows desktop/ MacOs Air laptop / Mac Mini desktop / and Android phone. The phone has never worked (but I don’t care). For a year I’ve synced work (Windows) and home (various Macs) has only partially worked. I just used the old school USB drive sneaker net method. However, during the last few days of 2019, after migrating a failing spinning HD to SSD on the iMac, (has nothing to do with it working though I suspect) I did get Brave Sync to work between the iMac and Air (fully of 3MB of bookmarks), and only partially to Windows Desktop at work. FYI I used ‘type sync code’ method for this. I’ve never used the QR code.

Hi @Simsimphony - I have no issues with the Sync. I’m using iOS 13.3 and macOS Mojave. I’ve tested deleting and adding to confirm. I had trouble with typing the sync code several months ago. After using the QR code I never had an issue.

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