Sync Still Doesn't Cooperate, Does it work, for anyone?

I have the latest version of Brave on both my iMac and Macbook Pro, yet when I open to the Sync section of settings, with both computers on, and logged into Brave, The iMac only shows itself, and the Macbook only itself! Why don’t they recognize each other???
I’ve tried the “adding a new device” and that never works, because neither one is actually new, in that they’re both logged in, but won’t recognize the other. It only asks for a mobile device…

I went through all kinds of confusion and dead-ends, several months ago, trying to go from this step, to actually syncing them together. Nothing worked, and I’m wondering if anyone’s sync is working for them, and what they did to achieve it.

Sync is to me a complete silly feature. Brave should work like Chrome browser, if I uninstall Brave and have to reinstall it I should be able to sign in and like Chrome ALL my settings should be there and all extensions should reinstall themselves etc…NOW THAT is Syncing, and being under the same account all Chrome browsers no matter what device you use will have the SAME thing. I have had to reinstall my OS on my PC a few times now for various reasons and when I reinstall brave I have to reset all settings, redownload all Extensions and reinstall my bookmarks file that I export…that is Completely UN user friendly which is the ONLY thing that makes me want to leave Brave Browser. Otherwise I love it. I have Tried to use the sync code numerous times and it constantly tells me there is no sync chain code, funny its the code they gave me when i set up sync in the first place…lol…

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I have the benefit of having three Macs in that with that added dimension, I see something weirder.

So, I have a MBP15, and MBP17 and a Mac Mini. I set up the MBP15 first and share the code with the other two. Neither of the other devices see the MBP15 but they see each other and whilst very little actual syncing seems to be going on, Brave on my MBP installed an extension I had installed on my Mac Mini. But that’s it.

I actually came on here now to start a new thread to ask if anybody could explain to me how it is supposed to work because the behaviour is not what the support page says it should be.


I just thought I’d look at this again but when I clicked View Sync Code on my main Mac, I realised that it had changed - so I used the new sync code on the other two Macs but when I returned to the main one, there was still no sign of the other two which both listed each other and when I clicked View Sync Code again, it had changed again. Is anybody at Brave even responsible for this who can shed some light on how this should work?

You’re saying that when you go to brave://sync (on either machine), they both only show themselves in the list of devices currently on the Sync chain?

Yes, I only see my Macbook, on my Macbook, the iMac on the iMac…

What sounds like happened is that you created two Sync chains, one with the Macbook and the other on your iMac. Try leaving the Sync chain on one of the devices (Menu --> Sync --> Leave Sync chain), then (on the same device you just left the chain on) go back to Menu --> Sync and `I have a Sync code. Continue following the steps to setup Sync and you should now be syncing your two devices to the same chain.

I can’t speak for anybody else but I have done this dozens of times with the same result.

What is it that they say about insanity?

If you’re have an issue, please open your own thread and include the relevant information and someone will be happy to assist you.

I only chipped in because I am having exactly the same problem but as I have three Macs that I am trying to sync, I have symptoms which somebody with only two Macs will not have (see earlier posts, not just the one you replied to) and I thought that that information might be useful in trying to troubleshoot the issue.

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OK, I left the sync chain, then went back to Sync, and clicked “I have a Sync Code”, but where is the sync code I just said I have???

The Sync code you’re looking for is on the other device you didn’t remove from the chain. You have two computers, c1 and c2. Lets say that c1 is the device still on the chain and c2 is the one you just removed from the chain.

Now, on c1, go to brave://sync, and click view Sync code. This is the code you will enter to add a new device to this chain. Highlight and copy it.

Now, on c2 go to brave://sync, select I have a sync code and paste the copied code from c1 into the the resulting window. c1 and c2 are now both a part of the same Sync chain.

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Thanks for clarifying, I kinda figured that’s what I needed to do. I’ll try it and report back, probably late tonight, thanks.

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No problem, please do. Would love to get you setup properly :slight_smile:

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