Switching to Opera GX

Honestly, Brave has been full of issues lately. I love everything about it, except the fact that it takes minutes to load a simple google.com page, while other browsers have no issues like that at all. I installed Brave just because of 3 things (built-in adblocker, privacy protection, and high speed due to filtered ads and stuff like that). I really got used to it, but Brave is now unusable and I’m very sorry to say this, but I’m leaving. I’m gonna try Opera GX cuz I’m a gamer and a content creator.

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The issue seems to be only limited to your browser/device. Some other program like anti-virus might be interfering with brave.

Uninstall and install brave again. Even if it does not solve the issue, then I guess use Opera GX. Make sure to turn off anti-privacy elements from default Opera GX browser (since you are/were using brave for privacy protection.)

Don’t get sucked into the hype of, because I’m a gamer or content creator, that browsers also need to reflect it. Web browser is just that, browsing the web. You can do the same thing among all the browsers, just how much can you add too a browser before it becomes more bloated (Not naming names here).

We have a far better Anti-adblock and more privacy focused browser. I would test Brave Beta or Nightly, see how upcoming things are improving.

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Exactly. Even if you’re sure you want to switch away from Brave, there are far better options out there with regard to ad-blocking, privacy protection and speed, than Opera.

yep, I was able to solve this issue. I thought it was Brave when I found no similar issues with Edge or Steam Browser. However, when I installed Opera GX, I found some messed up crap in the Privacy Policy, then I encountered the same issue that annoyed me so much with Brave (certain websites take forever to load like Google). I fixed this by doing the following:

  1. I changed my DNS to Cloudflare
  2. I connected to a VPN server through ExpressVPN
  3. I browsed the web a bit, then disconnected from the VPN
  4. I restarted my PC
    after that the problems, I had no longer existed. I wish I never brought Opera to my device though. I don’t trust them, although their GX browser looks so cool. I uninstalled Opera GX though and I never uninstalled Brave cuz of my data.

Glad to hear you figure it out before uninstalling Brave :slight_smile: Here’s hoping the problem doesn’t come back

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