Brave Sony Vaio laptop Windows 8

Using Sony Vaio laptop withi3 500gb and SSD card,
windows 8. 86
Brave V1.24.86

What I have tried.

  1. Re-installing Brave.
  2. Disabling extensions.
  3. Switching off hardware accelerator.
  4. Clearing browsing/data with CCleaner and Spybot.
  5. Re-booting.

I have problems using Brave similar to Opera a few months ago. Where you have cartwheeling and non-loading of websites such as youtube and binance. I liked Brave initially until it stopped and switched to opera/edge/google. Went back to Brave as I am just getting into crypto, doesn’t work when you disable all extensions. Stop hardware accelerator. Relaunch. Do a fresh download. Still spinning. Use Kaspersky software. AVG and Sphoso’s also on my system are these interfering with Brave? Websites don’t load after 5 mins? considering dumping it as its now horrendous and unusable. Initially thought google/microsoft are making changes to skewer the competition. Google works superfast compared to Brave . Opera works fast now and Brave doesn’t work at all. Any clue what I should do? Thanks

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