I love this freaking browser

I used to be a Firefox user and was always cautious about my privacy. But after I herd about Brave, I really wanted to switch. Brave is such a privacy focused program and the performance is phenomenal. Ever since I switched, Ive never felt so safe before. This bowser honestly feels like home. Every time I open the bowser and see it’s recognizable layout, I always tell myself “This is a program I can trust. This is home” What I also really like about the program is that instead of using your email to login, you instead need to use a series of words to sync. Others might not like it, but I really like it. It’s actually a genius way of keeping all of your info private, and I am grateful it’s a thing. I could list a million reasons why this browser is so good, I am so grateful I switched. There are some things that I really wish Brave changed, but dont worry, I wont be leaving any time soon. I will just make posts and hope they get herd by the team and are implemented. But even then, this browser is just, Top tier. Cant get any better than this. I love this browser.


I kind of feel the same way. I still use FF and Brave, but much more time on Brave.


I have FireFox in my toolbar just incase I need to do something that cant be dont on Brave. But honestly, I dont even visit FireFox anymore. It’s pretty risky switching browsers even since the browser I switched from was my primary choice for a couple years now, so I have to keep FireFox just in case something were to happen, but right now, Brave is now my #1 browser and I hope it will stay that way for a long time.

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I am retired so I am online A LOT… 12+ hours a day. Mostly on Brave.


I hope Brave is doing well for you in your relaxation years. It sure is doing well for me, and I’m not even retired.

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Thanks! I have to say life is good.


I have to agree that the performance of Brave compared to Firefox is a gulf.
I used Waterfox for a year (same as Firefox, but much more focused on privacy), and while it’s a good browser, it was very slow on the older computer. It is very memory-hungry. And generally sluggish compared to Brave.
On a good computer, I didn’t feel a difference.
As I use synchronization on both computers, I went back to Brave.
I don’t see an alternative to Brave at the moment, it’s a very good browser in many ways.


I understand where you’re coming from. After a certain update with FireFox, it got slow as hell and I needed to switch. I didnt want to use Chrome because it owned by Google and I dont trust them. I didnt want to use Edge because I dont trust Microsoft for obvious reasons. Which is when I thought about brave. I didnt know how fast it was at the time. All I knew was that it was heavily focused on privacy. But when I saw how slow FireFox was, I thought any other browser would be faster. So when I switched to Brave and started using it as my default, I didnt realize how fast it was, not to mention that you’re getting more security. It was too good to be true. The only thing (and I really mean only) that is stopping Brave from being the very best, is it’s features.

The features Brave has are very basic, some features are even missing and they are not as customizable as FireFox. Brave does uses Chromium, so some add-ons can help, but sometimes they break or not work very well. Im telling ya, If Brave decides to fix up some of these features. I would be jumping for joy. Ive been recently posting about the features and what could be improved with them to give Brave a little something to work with.

But yeah, Brave is the best browser, and I wont be switching anytime soon.

Same here. I went from FF to Chrome until it became malware. Then to Chromium until it also turned into malware and I’ve been enjoying Brave so far. It really feels I own my browser. The security & privacy settings and user interface blends perfect. I hope this stays long as my default browser.
Ah I love stopping silly people, services and products to interrupt my videos at YT every 2 min.

Until it became malware? I hope you dont have a virus on your machine, but yeah, I agree

I hope so! Scans throw no menaces tho… Yeah maybe I was too exagerated and the proper term was bloated and a slug, because malware is a worst level.