A New Brave User’s Perspective

I have used a lot of different browsers: Netscape, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge Original, Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi, and Brave. Yeah, I know, it kind of dates me doesn’t it. Some were the only game in town at the time and, as the field grew, others became choices to explore and determine if their protocols and features were something I liked and would use.

The last five on my list were all choices and I used some of them for many years before I branched out and tried something different. All of them have one thing in common, and that is the fact that each one of them have things I like and things I dislike. Not a single one of them satisfied me 100% of the time.

I started using Brave a week ago. And, once again there are things I like and dislike about the Brave browser. But, in the general scheme of things, I like more than I dislike and I like Brave above all the other alternatives out there right now.

Brave’s simplistic design did give me some difficulty trying to figure out how to do functions I easily knew in the other browser I was using. Now that I have had a chance to explore Brave, I am finding I can do just about everything I did in my other browser - its just a different way of doing it. I am finding the pluses far outnumber the minuses of this browser.

Brave’s founders and team have a direction in mind and they know they are not going to please everyone. They give us an opportunity to ask for additional features in the Brave Community Forum. But, that doesn’t mean they are going to implement all of the feature requests because some of those requests don’t fall within their strategy to move the product forward.

My conclusion is that I really like the Brave browser, and I applaud the Brave founders and team for a very good product that I plan to use. If the Brave browser starts having negative impacts on my productivity or doesn’t have features I deem necessary, or a different browser has some very positive changes, I always have plenty of browser alternatives out there.

I like what I see in Brave, I like the security and privacy of Brave, I like its speed, and I will continue to use it. I hope the Brave team continues to improve the product in the strategic direction they have set forth.