Brave browser often extremely slow after a while

Description of the issue:
After hours or possibly after a hibernate or sleep, pages can take minutes to infinite time to load. Even the about and settings pages might take a long time. (Though possibly not always, the latter .)
Now today, it happened again (more infinite than minutes), so I have…

  • disabled all extensions.
  • disabled hardware acceleration
  • restarted several times

Then after one restart it seemed solved, but only after minutes it started again, first very slow, then infinitely slow. Chrome works perfect at the same time in all cases.

Sometimes Windows Task Manager shows Brave having high disk load, but today, none of that, but Network was below 0,1 Mbps sometimes 0 .

Strange thing, after that I deleted 2 tasks in task manager and it seemed much better to almost perfect. I don’t remember exactly but they were called something like Cryptographic services, and Windows module installer. Note though that Chrome was running fine at the time, so it can’t be a Windows thing.
But then after minutes, again infinitly slow, those 2 services were not there. Now the highest disk load was my antivirus. Disabled it, no improvement.

Then I saw something strange. Brave Browser had 2 entries in Task Manager. One time “Brave Browser” without parentheses, one time “Brave Browsers (12)”. There was only one window of Brave Browser to find on windows though. I terminated the one without parentheses and again Brave page load fast.

What the hell is going on?? So weird…

I will observe further, but wouldn’t mind some tips already or if anyone has had the same experience.

Reproduces how often:
Averagely every 2 days since one month consistently.

Brave Version
Brave Version 1.26.77 Chromium: 91.0.4472.164 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):

Additional information:
Windows 10

Any chance you’re getting low on disk space?

Nah, got 500G left out of 700, but thanks for trying.

Brave became totally unusable…
Any help welcome.
Continuing on Chrome unfortunatly…
:frowning: Tried everything I can think of…
Why me?

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