Suggestions to improve Brave Browser

I like the new Brave browser. But I have some issues with it. First of all Brave removed the feature where I could have a private tor tab. Its now only a private window. I liked having a private tor tab so I wish Brave would give two options whether you want a tor window or a tor tab.

I also would wish if the Tor integration had a setting where we could set up a bridge connection, that way it is harder for our ISP to know if we have been using TOR as well as we can bypass any restrictions if our contry has blocked TOR.

I have an addon that changes my user agent string, which in other words is supposed to improve my privacy. But when I use the TOR window, that addon does not work and I am unable to find a setting where I can allow this addon to work with TOR window.

I wish there were two TOR modes, one for private and one for general use, where in the general use, this mode saves all the cookies as opposed to the private tor mode.

Why is it that in tor window I can’t access any bookmarks that I have saved, I should be able to save books marks and access them.

For better privacy, tor window’s default search engine should be set to https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/ (Which is DuckDuckGo’s onion version) instead of the default

I also wish that Brave would change your user agent string so that websites collect even less data.

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