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Hello community. I want to know if using Tor in Brave Browser is [still] available in the recent Brave Update. If I want to enable and use Tor in the Brave browser, how do I go about it? I’m specifically asking this question because all articles or blogs I read about it, even on brave website were not providing an answer I want. Following the steps highlighted doesn’t apply, which makes me to ask if the latest browser update supports using Tor network in Brave Browser. Thanks.

@Ayo3 first thing you’d need to do is enable Tor. As you might imagine, that’s going to be in the Privacy area of settings:


Then if you have it enabled, you just choose it from your hamburger menu or hit your shortcut to open it.

Thanks @Saoiray , I’d gotten it all wrong initially. I just realized it’s for window. I’ve actually been using Proton onion websites (Proton over Tor) via Brave Browser. I mistakenly took the recent topic to be applicable to android not knowing it’s windows Tor. Thanks for the clarification.

Just to be clear, it’s not just Windows only. But it is indeed Desktop only for the moment. They have had an open Github on it since 2019 where it’s been sitting as P4 (priority 4, planned work). I just think it’s not been a high priority compared to a lot of other features or bug fixes.

I just tagged in two of the devs on it and may be reaching out various places to see if I can encourage them to work on it or at least provide feedback on the likelihood of it being implemented. But for now, at least, it’s definitely not available on mobile versions.

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