Delete tor mode in Brave

Tor mode in Brave is crap.

Brave is not as resistant to fingerprinting as the Tor Browser and far fewer people use Brave with Tor, so you will stand out.

Educate people on this topic and not give the illusion of anonymity, it’s working against you. It’s a bad decision.

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They themselves recommend to use the official tor browser from tor project.

The brave tor is useful for some light onion browsing. It is useful to just jump from clearnet to onion on a single click compared to using the official tor browser.

Pretty much majority of users who know the difference between official tor and brave tor knows that the official tor > brave tor in regards to fingerprinting and anonymity.

The problem is also similar to tor android vs tor desktop. Both of them will have different fingerprinting mechanism. But, tor android is useful for light tor browsing within few seconds.

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