Suggested code merges / new features

Please consider merging existing code that is very advantageous from some other chromium based browser projects into brave which would make this the best browser of all worlds.

specifically wanting:
vertical tabs : new microsoft edge
new memory/processor saving for unused tabs : new microsoft edge
both can be read about here:

reasoning: vertical tabs are a much needed solution/option for those of us with many tabs open. currently you have to use addons which don’t work well, use a bunch of extra ram/processor, and due to security restrictions either have to run in a separate window, or are injected into each current page but as such only work if you have JavaScript set to allowed on that page.
likewise, chromium is a memory hog when you use a lot of tabs vs say firefox, microsofts new solution to help with this is worth adding to not solve but at least improve on the well-known problem.

ram/cpu limiter : opera gx
more info @

reasoning: similarly to the aforementioned issue with tabs/the browser hording memory etc, a limiter is great to give people control over the browser/it’s tabs. this is especially important when gaming as every little bit of processor/ram matters. we currently are forced to either have a beefy enough computer to not lose fps due to cpu or swapping related to massive ram use of the browser while keeping the browser open, or just closing it all together while we game. many people would prefer to keep at least some tabs open while gaming as many people use webmail or other systems which give them notifications/etc or allow them to interact with others on social media while gaming.

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