Over 100+ suggestion. i post here same message like i wrote via email

on the bottom of the post you see brave specific suggestions too.

about suggestions, you can find a lot of suggestion on the links below, because such problems/limitation are available (even if not all) in brave too (so is just a waste of time to rewrite same problem 1000x to all browser devs)

  1. my edge suggestions here: https://link.ws/edgesuggestions

  2. suggestions I liked from other user here: https://link.ws/othersuggestions (where I added additional suggestion too)

  3. my first chromium suggestions list 1: https://link.ws/chrome1 and my second list: https://link.ws/chrome2

Note: From end 2020-10 all suggestions are written on both Edge and Chrome at the same time, suggestions before 2020-10 are available only on Chrome. This mean chrome 1 contains suggestions not available in edge, chrome 2 instead contains both.

Note2: please ignore the batch won’t fix in list 1. They ban me immediately after that and added a batch won’t fix without considering the suggestions at all (just to close quickly the case). As you see in list 2 the problem is not visible, because I use another method to suggest improvements.

I know this is edge/chrome based, but brave is chromium based too, so you can really get a lot of useful suggestion reading my suggestion. All my new suggestion are written with both edge and chromium link, so you can see both at the same time too (in case you are interested to the opinion of other devs…)

about brave specific suggestion, i really wish you implement what i wrote you before, here just some important suggestions:

better sync (like google or edge), remove the problem with library files, where you reset all extension after the copy:

Alcune impostazioni sono state reimpostate

Brave ha rilevato che alcune impostazioni sono state danneggiate da un altro programma e le ha ripristinate con i valori originali predefiniti. Ulteriori informazioni

i hope you will avoid to implement chrome: // flags/# extensions-toolbar-menu remotion at all (so you need to keep such option like i wrote htt ps: //bugs. chromium .org/p/ chromium/issues/detail?id=1124878&hotlist_id=9983&sort=%20rank%20-ID or ht tps:// old.reddit .com /r/brave_browser/comments/jd1cvw/sugge stions_backup_all_chrome_based_browser/ or other)

Background: i’m an user with 10+ mac, 100+ mac user, 50+ browser, 100+ broswer profiles and i spend hours using browser.

I would like to start enjoy brave, like i can do with edge and chrome. but only once i can sync my setting and copy my library files, i can really do it. otherwise is just a browser that i use for quick activities. so please improve such points. once you add that, i will send you much more brave specific suggestions.

PS:some links are separated, due to the limitation of 4. just merge it again, if you need to use it

hello in the last days i added a LOT of new suggestions. so i suggest you to check new published suggestion too by revisiting https://link.ws/edgesuggestions