Cpu and ram usage?

Hello every one! I came here to add (one more time) some ideas to the brave browser.

So, when i was on a friend’s laptop i saw that he had opera GX browser… And honestly it has good ideas like the simple fact that it’s a gamer browser wich means that it has cpu limiter along with ram and internet limiter (usefull when we use the browser while playing games).

My ideas was to create a Gamer version of brave, appart from the original brave, with all of the features from brave and with the cpu and ram limiter (cuz brave is from chromium and chrome so it’s obviously cpu and ram expansive).

we can have a “neon” theme or chroma theme in the gaming browser, with all of the bat economy too.

And that’s all… Let me know what do you think about that!
Oh and by the way… I saw a WhatsApp sync “app” in the browser wich is pretty cool… can you add it?