Improving 'New Tab' Button Placement in Vertical Tabs Feature

I just wanted to drop some feedback on the recent addition of vertical tabs in the Brave browser. And let me tell you, I’m seriously impressed with this update! Finally, we’ve got the highly anticipated vertical tabs feature, along with the option to hide the title bar, just like in Microsoft Edge. These new additions take the browsing experience to a whole new level and give us more control over customization. Kudos to the Brave team for that!

Now, while I absolutely love this feature, I did come across a tiny issue that I think could use some improvement. It’s about the placement of the ‘add new tabs’ button. When you have only a few tabs open (around 2-4), the button to add new tabs seems a bit far away from the existing tabs. It would be much more convenient if the button were located right below the already opened tabs, instead of being at the very bottom. Microsoft Edge does a fantastic job in this aspect, with a flawless implementation. In fact, if you have a ton of tabs open (let’s say 100 tabs), it would be great if the ‘add new button’ stayed static at the bottom, so you wouldn’t have to scroll all the way down to find it.

Overall, I must say that the vertical tabs feature is a game-changer, and I appreciate the effort put into its implementation. With just a little adjustment to the placement of the ‘add new tabs’ button, it would be absolutely perfect. Keep up the excellent work :slight_smile:


I agree!
And I would find it even better, if you could just double-click on the empty space to create a new tab.


I agree with the two suggestions above, it’s great to see more implementations of vertical tabs. I primary use Firefox but even that takes extensive user scripts and add-ons to even get close to what Microsoft Edge has. It’s awesome to see another browser natively supporting it.

Yeah, that would mirror the horizontal design too. It’s the equivalent of having the “new tab” button all the way to the right of the window, which doesn’t make much sense. It’s much more intuitive to have it where you expect the next tab to appear.